Friday, October 26, 2012

Kaney's blog (Newcastle to Byron Bay)

Yo! what a mish! 
So we had a 180 flip buzz from Tempe (pronounced tampe in auz accent haha) when we got ta Newcastle the vibe was epic as and the local cats were super good to us. The top dog sound guy (or the Iain Sweetman of Newcastle) was awesome, he put in a sexy compressor for Mikey and was going to roll in the 21 inch sub bins from the truck but he had to set up for a Guns n' Roses tribute show haha! His accent was golden and he looks after all the kiwi bands! He showed us our accom situated next to the pigeons (that have been living upstairs at the bar since before it was even a bar) we got looked after! 
 Eddy 'Sovtek' Tait
Caught up with Invercargill legend Eddy Tait (who I bought my sovtek amp off like 10 years ago!!!) slugged coopers with him all night! The other band we played with in Newcastle was called Afro Moses! They were super sick (or sek if you have an auzzie accent) They were busting originals and old school Rasta tunes and were fronted by two African hype men! We loved the band and the coopers, slept with the pigeons and woke up ta stinking hot weather!

Back to Sydney (rat race!) had to pick up backline from Johnny Steiner (ex pat Dunedin all round total awesome dude) Then off to central Sydney to set up for an arvo/evening set at the Newton Hotel (which was also a rat race, they'd only been re open for 48 hours, the place was packed! it was the first time in 20 years that they had been open! Played a sekley sweet set and sold a bunch of merch.  The DJ after was wicked, pumping Boz Scaggs through the system. Nice music to do the triple paranoid gear check to! Then back ta Manly at about 9pm = OH MY GOG! sat night in Manly is nuts, the bar we went to called The Steyne had like 1000 people everywhere! Toooo much for this chicken kicker so I went to the beach and had the best chill time, played soccer with these cats and hada massive yarn to this guy who claimed he was "the baddest mutha funker in Manly and he runs the town blah blah" but he was the nicest dude ever and I reckon wouldn't hurt a fly, random! So I got "lost" lol. Wheres the first place you'd look, maybe on the beach aye? (add sound of a dying heat pump in here) Back ta Johnny's pad ta chill and was meant ta go ta sleep but we didn't (classically) great night!

Next day drove ta Wollongong = see video nuff said, Junkies and mental health patients in attendance so we fitted in nicely. Packed up gear after Wollongong & drove 10 hours overnight to the G.C = mish! I drove the last leg with everyone sleeping, Fu Manchu and Manly disco biscuits kept me cranking hard. Got ta Surfers finally,They should re name the place surfers vegas haha. The pub we played at was right in the thick of it, The support act "Switch Autumn" were mean and the other support "Cops and Robba's" led by lead singer Robba, were off the hook! Robba was a bit older than the lads and was coaching the guys through the riffs. He had to tell the gat players off for shredding their tits off! We loved it haha. The only thing they needed was cop uniforms for the band with a dash of Robba dressed like a Robber! They would sell a million records. Loaded out and had heart to heart yarns with the lads over a couple of Hahn's dry ales (the cheapest/finest auzzie buzz) 
The man, the myth, the legend!
Sed az, next day, drove ta byron bay, checked out the SAE studios, didn't have time ta record anything but man the gears and facilities are epic, they have a SSL 9000K desk! Also checked out Griffith Studios in Surfers (because we had to drop a 1988 fender strat that we picked up by accident back to the support band from surfers who studied there!) Lucky bastards have an 1176 compressor in every fucking room! OMG (If you don't know the gear, their endorsed by 10CC so they are the bees knees)
The Buddha Bar in Byron was super epic, good people everywhere and a sick wee outdoor venue. Timbo (the bar manager) was a top dude and has worked with some epic bands and festivals. So a good buzz for the future. The bar had its own brewery and the beers were mean! Byron outskirts had a Branson Misouri (USA) vibe, haha they're all about the vibes over here haha. The others wondered how I got so slugged up, I was cheeky and gave the bar guy free download codes! 
 TIM STOKES BAND played support - mean!
Metz & Timbo (the booker)

So we've heard from NIMBIN!!! haha everyone google image Nimbin if you don't know about it. For all you die hard fans our show has been shifted from the Friday to the Saturday 27 Oct.