Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Espy & Pony

Yesterday was a maaassive day. 2 shows in the one night and a bloody mare in the morning with our rental pick up. Was again epic to get back to me bros and chill at the end of night.

Got back out to the airport in the morn to pick up our rental but classically there was a problem with the loaded for travel card - didn't have my name printed on it so they wouldn't accept it. After a bunch of internationals call to Kiwibank and NZ post, and trying to juggle funds etc, Mauz had to bail us out in the mean time. It was a great moment when the transaction cleared.

Headed out to Hoppers Crossing next (on way to Geelong) and went to pick up our backline for the Melbourne shows. It is also the venue for our Sat night show. A real wicked venue and Dean who runs it is a champion bloke. There is even a dart board there - as you can imagine Kane and I were fkn rapt (bought the darts over with us). Headed back to my bros to pick up the rest of the gears. Kate made us brownies to wish us luck - faaark!

Cruised out to St Kilda in the arvo and loaded in for the first show of the tour @ the world famous Espy. Managed to fit in our first tour hack before this too - so phat. Joe Bonamassa was also playing down the road on the same night at the Palais - would have been way cool to go to.

We played first on a bill of 4 bands. Carved it up in a tight 35 min set and I'm sure we left a sweet first impression on Aussie ears and eyes. Great to catch up with sooo many familiar faces! Chur to J-Lee for taking photos & Ray Coote for taking vids. Sold a good swag of merch which was mean. If we can keep that up over this whole Melbs wkend, we'll get to Sydney!

We piled all our backline back into the rental and cruised back into the city and loaded into Pony for our 1am set. Such a phat Seedy wee venue. From what I gather there is are just a bunch of different bands that play on a night and each use all their own gear and then load it out straight after their set. Us being last mean we didn't have to rush afterward which was sweet. The band before us were a fkn phat canadian rock band called Reverse Grip. They had the Guns n Roses thing nailed. 150% energy levels and I think it rubbed off on us. We played a real loud boozy set and smashed it up.

Playing in Footscray tonight with 4 other Aussie bands @ The Reverence Hotel - going to be sick.

Touring rules - great to be back on the road!


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