Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Tote & last days in Melbs

So our final show in Victoria was at The Tote or ‘Zee Tote’ as J-Lee and I like to call it. I’d been there in the past on a couple of other occasions whilst visiting Melbs. I remember thinking at the time I’d love to come back with the band one day and a couple of years on here we were doing it – pretty cool. 
 This show was our 6th in four days so it is fair to say we were all looking forward to chilling for a couple of days after this one. We were 6th band on a bill of 8 and the only kiwi band. The show was a charity event for Youth Services in Melbs. It was a real good opportunity for us to play to a good size audience + meet a whole bunch of local acts and to show off what we do. 
I think it is safe to say we played to one of the bigger crowds of the day – helped by the fact that a great bunch of expats & friends were on board for a Sunday session + the weather had turned in a corker for us. I managed to get a really good plug in for our merchandise whilst on stage and we sold a good amount directly after our set. 

All the other acts on the day had their own strong points and I think we were all pretty impressed with the final two acts of the day ‘Slow Chase’ & ‘My Dynamite’ – Mike certainly was ;) After things wrapped up at the Tote it was back to J-Lee & Ray’s apartment for some drinking + car park basement cricket & touch. We played cricket & touch well into the night – good times. 
Next day was a bit of a write off as we caught up on some much needed zzzzs after a pretty gruelling first few days. We were Koalas until well after lunch. We all took a trip to Smith st and hunted down some cheap clothing deals. We all did pretty well out of it. More beverages and basement cricket that evening + a photoshoot with J-Lee. 
 Tuesday we headed to Ash Officer’s first solo gig in Melbs out in Carlton for the evening. Great to catch up with everyone again and have a few jars. A pretty hazy end to that evening that involved Mikey pushing me around in a trolley on the streets of Melbs...

And Weds saw us drive Melbs to Sydney. We all took turns to drive and rolled into Sydney at nightfall. A few beers with Jock at his pad before heading to our accom. We were still awaiting more news for the Sydney show from our Hungarian based promoter...
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