Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New record, new songs, old songs & upcoming winter shows


We've been down in the mighty Invers for the past wee while. Invers is where our drum machine Metz lives. He is cooler than the casio CT360... Invers gets a bad rep but I love coming back here. Mick called it the arsehole of the world back in the 60s. When we released nuggety we made up a batch of 'Arsehole of the world' jocks. There are about 75 pairs in circulation around NZ.

We have been steadily chipping away at some new material for our new record - to be released on beautiful vinyl in 2012. It is going to be awesome to have some new songs - those that have been following us for the last 4 years would agree lol. We've also been tightening up a bunch of other songs that have been patiently waiting to be recorded for a while now. There is going to be a song about losing a tennis ball on the record, a problem all backyard cricket lovers can relate to. There is also going to be a song about Aliens on the record. Sam Blissett drew this Alien. If there was a single released for the song, this should be the cover.

We'll be coming back to Dunedin next week to continue the countdown to tracking @ Albany St. There will be another week of rehearsal before the monotonous beast begins in early July... Our great friend and sound engineer (4th member of the frickn group) Mikey Holland is going to be overseeing the whole project. We couldn't think of anyone better in the whole world. He has been with us from the start and we feel lost when he can't mix our shows. Awwww.

It's going to be a wicked, intense few weeks. Sorry in advance to loved ones, gonna be some pretty buzzy body clocks going on.

We've also lined up some shows for the upcoming winter months. Unfortunately no hero tours in the near future but we still gotta keep the live chops up so we are playing a number of shows scattered around the south.

Friday 8 July - Subculture, Queenstown

Saturday 9 July - Mint Bar, Wanaka

Friday 15 July - Winterfest, Lincoln Uni Re O Week, w/ Katchafire

Friday 12 August - Re-Fuel, Dunedin w/ Operation Rolling Thunder

Saturday 27 August - Methven Big Air 2011, Methven, w/ The Blacks Seed & The Nomad

And then in September we have some exciting things lined up with the enormous Mountaineater... It involves multiple shows and someone releasing something... Hmmm

Stay tuned



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