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Well Bugs pretty much summed it up the other day on the drive to Auckland - "this tours almost over but it's only just begun". Yes true. But what a ripper few days it was! We'd also tacked on the two festivals (Feastock + Catlins River Fest) to the start of the tour to give it that national tour feel ;) And to be honest it is really hard to single out one show of the 6 that was the best because they all had such fuckn awesome things about them. So I'm gonna rattle off a bit about each of them .Whilst this shotgun tour is pretty different to how we usually roll, I've personally really enjoyed being able to focus a whole lot of energy into less gigs and making them the best they can be.

Feastock 2011

I don't really know what more to say about Feastock that hasn't already been said - the good and the bad! All I can say from a co-organisor POV is that it was a hell of a few weeks/months putting it all together but well well worth it when all the awesome people turned up on the day to make it another fuckin awesome day. Just the two noise complaints this year ;) No Rodney Bird... We raised the bar again this year and can only aim to do the same next year... Great to get a bit of national recognition also. See links below for Feastock stuff.

Roger Grauwmeijer photo collection

John Needham photo collection

Groove Guide Review

Catlins River Festival 2011

WHAT A WEEKEND, WHAT A BUNCH OF PEOPLE, WHAT A SET OF BANDS, WHAT A FESTIVAL! This was a truely epic couple of days down @ Catlins. We arrived on the Saturday afternoon halfway through the Skitzofrantics set. As the day went on the crowd numbers continued to build and the standard of music retained its level of goodness right throughout. A whole bunch of Dunedin cobs had created their own Tent City back over behind the main zone. The whole vibe of the festival was so chilled. It reminded me of PHAT but on a smaller cobbier level. You couldn't walk/run 20 metres without bumping into a good cunt and having a good yarn. Sweetman and Weejy had the sound well under control and Quogan and Crispy had done a sick job of setting up the lighting and sight lighting in the days leading up. We'd also brang Shipsy along for the ride as he began his first official stint as a band documentor. We all hope it is the first of many in the years to come... I personally was feeling a bit under the weather throughout the Saturday - a mixture of only a couple of hours sleep the night before + growing nerves toward playing a headline spot at a festival (something LOR has wanted to do forever!). It wasn't until watching Nudge (faaaark!) from the sound tent and sharing a few nips from my Jaggy flask with Jared Smith and Jeremy London that I started to feel more settled and my nerves started to grow into excitement as the crowd began to swell. Great to see Knives belt out their hits to an appreciative crowd and then it was time for us to step up to the plate. Fuckn great times! I may have got a little bit intoxicated toward the end of the set (thanks Jaggy) but all the same we left nothing in the tank and left our guts on that stage! The rest of the night is hazy for me - Deano will tell you all about it. We awoke the next day to a wicked totally appropriate solo set from Mr Ryan Prebble before enjoying a host of other fine acts throughout a sun drenched arvo. Great to jam some cricket with the Nudge before getting our shit together and leaving around 6pm. Bugs took his car back earlier and met us in Dunedin. However the main debacle was to begin when I got a call on my cell from Logan back @ Catlins just as we were getting close to Dunedin. Crispy had taken his van key in his pocket. Grim. Poor old Bugsy was given the task of driving back with Crispy to drop the key back as we used the 3 hours to re pack the van for both tours (Nuggetour + Oh Colour). It did actually take that long as the guys arrived back not long after we'd finished. I drew the short straw to drive through to Christchurch that night to stay with Muzz & Aileen. Lets just say I stopped at pretty much every town to try and keep myself awake. We got into Templeton about 7am.

Mighty Mighty, Wellington

After a couple of days solid driving we crossed on the Picton/Wellys ferry on the Tuesday arvo. As announced 'the conditions were less than favorable'. This prompted us to play a nuggety set of 'sinking ship' music. Next day after lunch we picked Mike up from the airport, Logan from his 'alternative' accommodation and headed to Mighty for set up. This was LOR's first appearance @ Mighty - loved it. Sal and the team run a mega tight ship ;) Ryan Prebble kicked off the evening in style playing a phat solo set which got us primed and ready to smash it out in the capital. Thus we did and played a tight set to a very appreciative crowd. I'm stoked we were given a shot to play @ Mighty and hope its not the last time we do.

Kalah Bar, Ngongotaha
This show was an unknown quantity as none of us had played the venue, let alone been there. We'd seen it on Katchafire & 1814 posters often enough and the boys drove past it on the 42 date tour so I approached them a few months ago and managed to wrangle a date out of them. A long day driving from Paraparaumu (thanks again Crispy's Mum for putting us up!) to Roto. I was feeling particularly average for the next two days so I lay pretty low. We set the decks up and Metz spun some hits pre and post gig. The set itself was great, I think the 3 of us have all agreed it was our best performance of the tour. We managed to road test the 5 songs that are going to be on the new album (5 more to come!) and they were all tight. After initial icy welcomes were defrosted we were treated like kings after the show and we left with two Lion Red 24s tucked under our arms. Great venue, great owners, great place. We'll be going back I'm sure of that.

Yot Club, Raglan
I figured out during the gig that it was our 3rd visit to Raglan in the space of 7 months - quite an effort and these efforts were rewarded with another great crowd (similar to our January show). As mentioned in the past, Pete Coddington is a total legend and looks after bands like no other. I was gutted I couldn't make the most of the hospitality (beers) as I was still under the weather. Our accomodation was out @ Whale Bay and was wicked. We even got to catch the Breakers wrap up the NBL title (first NZ based team to win in an Aussie comp, YEAH BOI!). Looking forward to going back to Raggers in a few months hopefully...

Khuja Lounge, Auckland

SUPER NUGGETY. Thats how I'd describe the end of the Khuja show. Documentor Shipsy will be able to get across the whole feeling of the sitch when he puts together a wee tour nugget video. We still don't know if someone tripped the fire alarm or if it was Logan's smoke machine but regardless it went off and killed the momentum of our set, we were on fire too! This was our return to Khuja after a sell out @ the same venue in January. The 3rd time we've played there overall and the FIRST time the LIFT WAS WORKING! Now if you have ever been to Khuja you will know it is up 69 steps - try loading up the amount of gear we tour with up all that! However it was too good to be true because there was no street access cos the were laying a new tar seal on Queen St, fuck. We managed to park at the top of Queen and roll our gears down to the venue. After a lengthy set up we cruised back out to Justin & Jo's to drop off the trailer and other gears before turing round and heading back to Khuja. Yebiisu got things going and the crowd built up nicely. Great to catch up with some familiar faces and the rest is history. After waiting 45 mins for CHUBB to turn up and flick one switch, the 30-40 heartly souls (half of them Metz extended family!!) that stuck around were treated with the proper end of the set. I was pretty grumpy during pack down - mainly cos I was buzzing that we might have to pay the fire call out with our door take but this never eventuated - thank fuck!

So another tour notch under the LOR belts and another set of good times. Much chur to our road crew:

Sound: Mike Holland - we'd be lost without your ears bro.
Lights: Quogan Knob - we do get lost in your smoke but I'd have it no other way

Documentor: Shipsy Caldwell - your results I'm sure will speak for themselves bro. The Lizard stuff is fukn sick.
ARGC (All Round Good Cunt): Bugs - similar to Mike, a calming presence and able to help with anything in any situation. Also great interviewing skills - especially fans @ the Auckland show :)

For full tour photo album check the link to Shipsy's page:

More bloggage to come on this current tour with Alizarin Lizard. Kieran and I are going to be jamming as the Left Or Right Soundsystem for the next two weeks. Lots of good times ahead :)

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