Monday, November 16, 2009

FINAL TOUR CHAPTER (Wanaka to Te Anau)

29-31 October 2009


Ok my bad - the tour did end two weeks ago! One thing about these blogs, you can't afford to lose momentum. Definitely been good to unwind though.

So the last 3 dates we had were, Wanaka, Queenstown & Te Anau.

We played the Thursday night @ Red Rock. This was our 3rd time playin Red Rock. We were stoked to have 'The Flaming Drivers' from Queenstown onboard for the show also. Awesome bunch of blokes and great band. Also excellent to have Mike E Holland onboard for one final show of the tour.

It was a pretty sweet show considering the time of year for Wanaka (the lull just after winter and before summer). Things were looking grim about 10pm but come 11 when all the other pubs shut things picked up considerably. The Drivers played an hour set. Joel (drummer) was a bit nuggeted out by Metz beast of a kit though. This guys have great energy and really do kick ass.

We jumped up after midnight amongst a shit load of smoke (chur Quogy) and played an extremely experimental/psychedelic set which seemed to go down well with the crowd (quite a few English backa-rackas). I definitely think its time for some new material though... we couldn't possibly take these songs any further out of the box...

Pack up and load out was relatively painless and it was decided that the majority of us would drive back over to Queenstown to stay @ my Uncle's place. Logan & Porp stayed in the transit in the carpark. P.D Reid, Mike & I took the other van and Metz was driving his old lady's car. Classicly, Callum hadn't filled up the gas when we hit town earlier on - so we were pretty much empty for the drive back to Qtown (no 24 pumps in Wanaka). We made it to Cromwell and PD & I decided to park up @ Shell, have a kip and wait for the pumps to open @ 7. Metz & Mike drove on to Qtown

Dropped Mike @ the bus station in the arvo and headed into Qtown for set up @ Revolver. Good to catch up with Johno & Matt (venue owners) as always. Pretty long set up & soundcheck for a number of reasons. All good though as we'd given ourselves plenty of time. Also choice to have Matt Eddy onboard doing our sound again. He added some mean touches to the record - wicked to give him a copy of it to check out for the first time.

The Drivers were also onboard for this show and played another phat set - another step up from Wanaka. Joel was far more comfortable using his own kit. They also brought a good crowd of classic cats that were demanding HEAVY SHIT!

We played a decent 90 minute set which pleased everyone apart from the cats who wanted the heavy stuff. They weren't able to digest our mix up of genres. Made for an entertaining show. Was also a classic gig experience for my 15 year old cuzzy who was allowed to come with my Uncle.

Back to Joel's after the show for a few post gig beverages. We always seem to make up a new game when we go here and this time was no different. "Hooplar" was the fruit of our efforts. A wicked game in which a cat hurls the hoop so that it spins back and the other cat has to jump/dive/roll through it whilst its moving. Fucking awesome fun - mega carpet burn tho.

We rolled out of Qtown at midday and arrived @ Red Cliff mid arvo. Red Cliff is such a choice venue. Very small but once you get 60-80 people in there for the show the atmosphere is electric. It always amazes me how any band can fit in there to play a show. The staff here are one of the main factors in this being such a wicked venue. Just a top bunch of cats that work well as a team which ensures the place runs like clockwork. These guys even closed the cafe one Saturday this year to all come down and watch us @ the Bluff Seafood Fest. Great to have Andy onboard for the final show of the tour. He is familiar with Red Cliff as the Biffys played there in summer. So overall we were really stoked to be finishing the tour at one of our favourite venues.

After set up was the standard amazing Red Cliff munchy. PD Reid and I had the famous Wild Hare back straps - simply superb. After dinner, over to the park for some touch footy. Then over to the Moose to watch the Stags go down valiantly to Wellington in the semi final. A great season and shield for the summer - Y NUT!

The show itself ended up being a bit of a blur. 11pm start and 2.30 am finish. Somewhere amongst all that we played 3 sets!!! Being Halloween it was always going to be a classic night. So many good cats at the show - lots of family & friends and just good times had by all. We hit some crazy musical points and even busted out the odd hit cover.

A great way to end a really cool tour. Hopefully 'Nuggety' has been distributed far and wide around the country now and found its way on to every ipod.

Can't wait to be playing again over the summer. Bring on Stonerfest in CHCH (12 December, Al's Bar, CHCH) and our xmas show in Invers.


Seedy Out

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