Tuesday, October 13, 2009

North Island Fun (Aucks, Napier & Wellys)


Thurs 8th Oct – Red Bull Live Studio & Dogs Bollix (Auckland) by Callum

We woke @ the Coxys (Dan from MIC’s folks) pad in Auckland and enjoyed a flighty but scenic drive into the big city. We were welcomed into the red bull live studios by a very tasty lass by the name of Grace (I think Quogan boosted to the toilet to relieve some stress, It’s hard (pun intended) to find time on tour to ahhh well... get your rocks off as Mick Jagger would call it.) In fact all of the staff were a good looking bunch, even the guys.

We set up the studio and played a psychedelic set!!! (3 songs each going for 10mins) Left or Right are officially the first band to blow the power in the studio!!! We were buzzed out but the crew came through and they were stoked that we pushed it to the extremes. I guess we were just too hardcore for the mish, there was a lot of homage paid to HDU, HLAH, The 3d’s & Little Bushman during the set. I think it would have been a nice change for them instead of having to sit through a classic radio friendly set. The video of the studio set is now up on the red bull live studios website.


It will also be the first ever red bull live act to be aired on Juice TV! Yeya!

5 or 6 Red Bull’s later we were off on our mish to the Dogs Bollix to set up. The Defendants smacked up a meeean set before we went on. They performed a magical version of Sabbath’s Fairies Wear Boots that got the crowd off their arses.

Rodgey Grauwmeijer came after the music awards and took some primo photos! I broke a string and I had 2 gat techs suss my mish before I could say “Oh fuck I’m gunna have ta do the Gary Moore trick and peel extra hard on the remaining 5 strings”. Played sweeeeet. Great to catch up with PD Mac, Lee Kerr and the many other cats that came out on a Thursday night and the cats that took Friday off just to come and get on it. Pack out ... got ta bed @ 4am.

9am up and on the road to Napier, apparently it takes 6 or 7 hours so we gunning it. Cant wait for Napier show tonight, they have a supportive live music scene there so should be sick!


Friday 9th October – Cabana (Napier)

Hey guysh. It’s been a while between blogs for me as you’ve been in the capable hands of Pete, Andy & co. I am stoked to report that Napier was a wicked show.

We arrived into Napier well on time as we were only scheduled to load in to th

e venue (Cabana) @ 6pm. This allowed us to go into town on missions. Most of the lads took fliers with them and did a bit of a promo run to stir up a bit more interest in the show. In true Seedy styles I snaked off to the internet cafe to try and get a wee preview of the Red Bull Live video which had just been posted.. I managed to have a little listen but there was no image – bugger. So none of us have had a chance to check it out yet... We’ve heard good stuff about it though so fingers crossed there. Yes we did blow up the power in the studio due to an overload of sound and lighting. Fortunately we were at the end of our allotted 30 min set. Anyway off topic there.

We are in Napier. Back to Cabana @ 6pm and we meet Deanne to load in and set up. Now to be completely honest, this venue fuckin rocks. It is a music venue run by musos for musos. Everything about it runs smoothly and the PA was a dream for Andy to work with – not to mention how good our onstage sound was. You really can’t beat awesome foldback and we certainly had that. Probably the only venues/festivals that come close for me in terms of good foldback are Revolver in Queenstown & PHAT 09, oh and how could I forget Feastock 09. Not sure about the other lads on that one.

We were really stoked to have 2 awesome local bands on the bill for this show – “Blvd. Nights” & “The Boil Up”. Now these two bands were seriously talented. Boil Up is a smaller line-up of a band called “Tropical Downbeat Orchestra.

Supposedly the full line-up is 7 members. For this show they had 4 and it was fuckn awesome. Their drummer is the drummer from Jakob! They also had a supremely talented female vocalist and an equally impressive trumpet player + bass/mpc maestro called Willie. The other support act was local heroes “Blvd Nights”. These guys play a bunch of feel good tunes that keep the crowd momentum going perfect. A great front partnership between Pauly & Jess vocally and a fuckn solid rhythm section to boot with Jaffy & Joe.

With the venue being in a residential area we had to cut our set to an hour and be finished up by midnight. We ended up playing about 15 mins overtime. Due to a variety of things we played a wicked set. Firstly the PA and sound in general is awesome. Andy had us sounding sweet out front and on stage. Secondly having played a good 5-6 shows already on the tour we are starting to really find our groove and regain our tightness. Also a bloody decent crowd always helps a live performance. I know we definitely lift our game when there is a good crowd in front of us. It was a shame to have to finish when we did as I feel we were just starting to warm up! Pack down was fairly swift as we were contemplating driving straight through to Wellington to be ready for the next show. Load out was a bitch as it was absolutely fuckn pissing down by this stage. Thankfully common sense prevailed and we ended up staying @ Joe’s (Blvd.Nights bass player) place. Joe and his flatties were most hospitable in providing us some beverages plus a spare room to all kip in. Metz made a fire and the rest of us crashed out in the spare.

So all and all a wicked night – good crowd and a good amount of merchandise sold on the door by PD Reid. Will report back soon with stories from Wellys....

Saturday 10th October – Hole In The Wall (Wellington)

We left Joe’s place in Napier about lunch time on the Saturday. We were only due to load into “Hole In The Wall” in Wellys at 7pm so we had plenty of time to make the trip. It continued to rain until we got clear of Napier – very unusual I thought for the east coast of the North Island.

We arrived into Wellys just in time for the Stags clash with Tasman. What a dream result – 41-0!!!! None of us could recall seeing the Stags put a team to the sword the way they did against the Makos. Well not since the old division 2 days maybe... After the match it was around the corner to Vivian St and set up @ Hole In The Wall. Now 7pm load in/set up/soundcheck is far too late for my liking. Especially with how much we like to put into setting up a show and with Logan’s lighting and the merchandise area to set up. We like at least 3 hours minimum before doors open. So we were on the back foot from the start as 7pm is the venue’s policy. It was all hands on deck as usual and the gang did a wicked job getting everything set up and ready for 9pm doors.

We’d been looking forward to this show for a long time – as we’d be linking up and playing with a bunch of old cobs. The first band for the night was “The Deceivers”. These guys are formerly from CHCH and have moved up to Wellys in the last few months. This was actually their first show since relocating. They’d supported us in CHCH 3 times on our previous tours. Their original bass player had recently moved to London so they had a fill in for the night but their singer Tom mentioned they were looking at going down the road of 3 piece – I like a lot… 3 pieces kick ass! They played a sweet 40 min set which included a whole bunch of their classics – very cool. Next up was the mighty Slur-Tones - also fresh from relocating (Wanaka). These boys are the shiz. They played a phat 60min set and I managed to film a couple of tracks. These guys are on the bill for RIPPON in 2010 – make sure you catch them as they are going to explode in the coming years… Much chur as they also pulled a wicked crowd.

We played a 60-70 minute set and for the first time on tour played all the tracks off “Nuggety”. It was a really enjoyable set – heaps of room to jump around and good onstage sound. I do think we all had the big driving mish and early morning ferry crossing in the back of our minds so this may have subdued us a touch… After our set an old Dunedin bud of ours “Fil Basik” played a tight wee set of his take on Drum n Bass to round out the night. Was great to see him back in action again – he has wicked live energy. Those who had stuck around really appreciated this end to the evening. Our pack up and load out was as efficient as ever as we had to be out of the venue by 2:30am and a ferry to catch in the morn. It was good to have the extra help of Pete Crisp who was coming back to Dunedin with us. 7 in the van and allll the gear – fuckn tight!

We were due at the ferry terminal at 7.20 so we just decided to stay up until then. I pulled the sober driver card as I was due to drive the first leg of the journey in the South Island. We all went back to the Slur-Tones place and the lads had a few bevys to wrap up the north island leg of the tour. We then watched some of the footage from the evening. Time flew by and it was then time to head to the ferry. The best news ever greeted us upon arrival as Andy went onboard up to the bar to check if there was a PA as we were on a different boat. The onboard manager told us we weren’t required to play our set as the ferry was jam packed, it was 7 in the morning and that we looked like utter shit. Stoked!! So the lads all found little nooks and crannys and crashed out. I found a wicked pozzy under the bubble bobble arcade machine.

We got to the South Island about 11am and started the big journey south. We made it to CHCH about 5.30 and got Metz on the KnightRider to Invers. Then a BBQ dinner + a bit of backyard at Andy’s place before the final stretch of the road (chur Muzz, Aileen & Mike!) We made it into Dunz about midnight. So the first 8 dates of the tour are completed – 9 to go, we can’t wait! Gotta make a load more cash to pay everybody back! If I had to pick my fav shows so far I’d have to say the West Coast & Napier. Much much chur to Andy for all his help and doing our sound. We will have Mike (from Made In China) for the remaining shows. Also to PD Reid and Logie for making the shows what they are. We are chilling for a few days now before heading back up to Takaka on Thurs for the next shows…

We’ll have some more stories after Mussell Inn & Mapua…

Seedy out

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