Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nelson/Motueka and beyond...(by PD Reid)

Phat Club

After an amazing night at the Woodstock hotel, we all woke up well rested and feeling good about the great nights we just had on the west coast. Massive thanks to Millsy, Elaine and their two gorgeous golden retrievers Jess & Abby and for their unbelievable hospitality!!

Feeling quite good we all rolled up to Woodstock to load out the gear at around 11am(at least an hour later than we agreed) & prepared ourselves for a long and arduous drive to Nelson to play Phat Club. The drive was going sweet and we were making great time until sleep deprivation, hunger and general nugginess caused us to miss the turn-off to Nelson and arrive in Westport. This added an hour to a nuggety drive as it was! It turns out this would be the start of many mishaps to come, as we were all about to experience the downside of touring, LOR style....

Feeling pretty awful about having missed the turnoff (Seedy and Hampo were asleep in the back), we arrived at PD Marshalls pad in Nelson at around 7pm and he sussed us out a wicked munch to keep our spirits high. We started packing in to Phat Club at 7.30pm and I started setting up the merch desk with seedy. The merch desk at Phat was pretty much tailored for touring bands, with ample desk space and plenty of space to tuck away the merch. Also Phat had sussed out a rather nice looking lady named Jasmine to work the door so I could concentrate fully on selling merchandise.

Once again Quogy’s strobe was interfering with Callums guitar during sound check. While this has happened before ,the general nature of touring caused Callum to nugg out slightly more than usual. Running behind as usual (hacka!) the support bands for the gig Dog Spew thankfully decided not to sound check which allowed us to get back on schedule. Wicked Draw Soundsystem the first of the supports came on around 10pm and played for a good half hour. Then Dog Spew went on and kicked some serious arse! Obviously being behind the merch desk I couldn’t see the band (anyone who knows Phat Club will know what I’m on about), but I could hear them and the sounded like a really authentic and exciting punk band, Check them out! Now this is where things start to go wrong... When LOR went on - a technical glitch (not Andy Biffs fault) meant that the intro Mullins tape was still playing as the DJ was still on, making for a very awkward and unprofessional start to the gig as Left or Right were standing arou

nd like ballbags for a good minute after the fuck-up. LOR also had tonnes of amplifier problems with Seedys amp cutting in and out and annoying tuning problems for pretty much the whole gig. Also some nuggety as bird who was totally tripping on something & managed to rip a pair of grutz, refused to pay for them and then accused me of stealing her tobacco! Thanks to the Phat guys and Jasmine for sussing that one out as I was getting pretty fucked off! What else, ah LOR lost their one and only tuner (hacka!) and I managed to rip and wet the LOR A0 tour poster (another hacka!). The last band Pants Off were extremely good though none of us could really enjoy it as we were all getting nuggety and had to pack up and out.

As we were driving back to Boof’s (head of security) place to get on the piss, Seedy classicly got pulled over by a cop for a breath test! Seedy had had a few beers and all of us were tripping and I swear you could have heard a pin drop it was so quiet...The result... a failed youth, but of course seedy having his full and being over 20 averted further action, yeh boi! Oh and the cop said we have a busted front light which is why he pulled us over in the first place, bad buzz! But we finally made it back to Boof’s place, hit the piss with him and another absolute good kent Deano, haha maybe this night wasn’t so bad after all! Cheers Boof you are a legend!

Hot Mamas

We woke up from a hard night on the piss at Boof’s and all collectively decided to shoot the gap to Motueka to set up at Hot Mamas for the gig. Seedy went and picked up Lou (manager of Hot M

amas) from the airport and we all arrived at the venue at around 3pm and it was all hands on deck to set up the mish. After setup Lou and the crew hooked us up with a mean munch of gourmet pizzas, salad and wedges, choice!

We arrived back at Hot Mamas at around 9pm after dropping off our bedding at Lou’s, but decided to hold off from starting due to the Tua/Cameron fight. A bar down the road was charging 5 bucks to see the fight and a few of the guys decided to go check it out. The guys classicly arrived back only 20 minutes later, after Tua knocked out Cameron in the second round. What a bunch of hyped up bullshit!

Soon after this we got the call from Lou to start up, as a good sized crowd was beginning to mill in from the bar that had just showed the fight. At the start of the gig, PD Reid managed to have a complete hackbomb and unplug the ipod before the Mullins try commentary had even finished. Fuck, I don’t know what I was thinking except that I really wanted to recharge my ipod! Needless to say I feel awful, but LOR recovered like pros and the rest of the gig was an astounding success. The combination of a great crowd, a good amount of merch sold and the Hot Mamas crew taking extremely good care of us (free pints all night!) meant last night’s anticlimax had been recovered for. LOR were on the fire, and the latest addition to the set list, a scorching cover of Cream’s – Sunshine of your Love was lapped up by the eager crowd.

After the gig we all started drinking the bar dry with the knowledge that we didn’t have to pack our gear out as there was a few days before the next gig. A few hours later, us and the Hot Mamas crew arrived back at Lou’s place for continued partying, estimated time of sleep around 7.30am!

I woke up at around 9am to take a piss only to find a large puddle of someone else’s piss (a LOR member who shall remain nameless...) all over the kitchen floor! The culprit was in no state for a clean up as he was soooo messy, so me and two others managed to suss it out. After this we all went back to bed until the arvo. We got up, found some food and went to a local bar to watch the NRL grand final. Next instalment of the blog will be after the Auckland gig. Also earlier today, we discovered that our good friend, LOR crew member and brother - Peter Crisp’s daughter Miranda Kate Crisp had just been born! Massive love to Crispy, mother Liz and bubs!

Over and out – PD ‘fuckin’ Reid

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