Friday, October 2, 2009


Hey people, have only just managed to get to a computer! Here are the tales of the West Coast. PD Reid will be updating from Nelson & Motueka after tonights show.

Barrytown Hall, Barrytown (Weds 30th Sept 2009)

I don’t want to forget anything about this adventure so I’ll just start at the beginning of the day.


I had set the alarm as we wanted to catch the last 25 overs of the cricket. This was a bit of a non event though as we only needed 9 runs to win. NZ through to the semi-finals of the Champions trophy – all is well in the world!! Went back to bed as I had a slightly sore head from Jaggy on the drive up. Andy charged on and went for a run to shake of his developing cold. He then cooked up a choooice fry up to get us motivated for a big first day.


Departure in convoy from the Straight residence. Logans new tranny has really stepped up – as we chunged it through the pass. Bloody nice road. Made a brief stop in Springfield to admire the donut the town received at the time of the Simpsons movie release. It had been badly burned by some hackas and most of us got soot and ash all over our only tour pants... not a good start.

Stopped in @ Greymouth supy to stock up for Barrytown. There was a $2 beer bin with a whole stack of Green Man 500ml botts – sorted! In true tinny form I managed to con the checkout chick into swiping through 2 botts of emersons for $2 each!!


We arrived @ Barrytown – initially driving right through it. What a crazy night we were to have. We’d heard so much good stuff about this place and to expect the unexpected. It didn’t disappoint. Loaded into the Barrytown hall and began to transform it into our venue for the night. Metz assembling his usual monster kit, Logan attaching lights to trampolines, Hampo & Andy on PA & sound duty. PD & I were on merch set-up. I love setting up the merch area – different everytime. PD was also on general missions.

We were ready to soundcheck about 7pm and it sounded fuckn sweet, awesome to be using our old PA again. Andy had it all purring.


The first whispers of a newspaper fuck up crept in about 9pm when a couple of cats started rolling up. Being a Wednesday it was always going to be fairly quiet but it didn’t help with the paper getting the wrong date. It soon became clear that we’d be playing to an “intimate” audience. We weren’t about to waste what was a wicked sounding rig.

A usual bout of “Kick and chase by Mullins” to start off the show and an epic 20min version of Park Street. We played an hour first set and then had a nice lengthy break to refuel and chat to locals who’d turned up. Th

e second set was fucking hilarious. I think it was halfway through a 20min version of Hitchy when the fits of laughter began. Speaking between songs was an absolute mission. Andy had some mental delays & loops going on and Logan was doing some seriously cool screams over the top of our jam. Pack down was grim but I could not stop grinning. We also had Retrophonic Funk Machine pumping through the PA so everything was mint.

So overall a bloody awesome start to the tour. Barrytown fuckin rules – we will definitely come back here but we’d look at a weekend show as I think the days of midweek benders are becoming less frequent in these parts. However getting the right date in the paper would be nice – its not as if u can do a quick text around up here! On the way back to Hoki now – tonight will be awesome.

Woodstock Hotel, Hokitika (Thurs 1st Oct 2009)

Hello. We are on the drive to Nelson for tonight’s show @ PHAT. Will be phat to catch up with Dave & the crew. Here is a rundown of last nights show @ the Woody.

We arrived at the venue late afternoon and got stuck into set up. Had everthing set up and looking chipper by 7pm. A few of the locals kept us entertained with some humour during the set up. One classic cat Dan (had a ZZ Top look about him but ginga) had some rippers (“Why do they call it a pap smear? Cos no one would go if it was called a c**t scrape)

Dinner was fuckn epic as always at these choice venues. The Hampton bro’s, Metz & PD Reid all had steaks and AT Biff & myself had the local Drunken Wild Boar served on mash. Simply superb. To compliment the meal we had various emersons 500mls that I’d managed to get from the same $2 bin in Gr

eymouth. Was stoked with that sneaky mish – they couldn’t tell the diff between greenman an Emersons. After the munch we hooked back to the accommodation to freshen up for another sweaty rawk show. Our hosts were Millsy & Elaine. Fuckn top people. Can’t speak highly enough of their generosity in putting up 6 of us. More about their place after the show.

We played another 2 set show – a shorter first set tonight although we have started this trend of playing Park St for 20mins. I think we are really enjoying these shows with no support as we have to fill out a lot more time – which means we get to jam haaaard. Having support is always awesome though. A couple of cats from Barrytown had made the trip over for the show so we had another good catch up with them – including Parrot who sussed our show over there. She’s a legend – gave me a full demonstration of how she managed tip a 6 foot skinhead @ a Bad Brains gig. The yarns she tells are excellent value. She is in a female comedy duo with another bird. They are planning on doing a show down in Tuatapere after they’ve written a new script. A good smattering of tasty Milfs boogying on the D floor for the entire show – fucn love seeing peoples reaction to the heavy sections out of nowhere. 9 times outta 10 they just follow us and go hard as well. Great stuff. We got asked to play Park St again as an encore. As it was late we said sweet but I said to the lads we’d better keep it to album length at least (9.33). No chance – another 20 minute job. O well.

Post gig – we had a full pack down and then Logan & Metz had a rock off to see if we’d load out the gear into the wagons on the night or in the morn. Logan won and we did the latter. I foolishy challenged Metz to a jug skull with straws – he kicked my arse. Back to Millsy’s after a few more jugs with Colin (the owner) also legends. Millsy introduced us to the McMills for supper. This consists of one whisked egg and a slice of cheese put in the microwave for a minute then slapped between bread – kiwi as & fuckn tasty! He then showed us his greenstone collection which is off the chain. Some truely epic and fascinating stuff. Was wicked to hear about a whole lot of our history & culture that I didn’t know about. I know all the lads were blown away. A cheeky game of darts and then cats started sloping off to bed. People said it rains all the time on the coast – we didn’t believe them after such mint weather in Barrytown. True to form though its positively pissed down ever since. Woke this morning with chronic headache and sandpaper throat and so the tour goes on! Hoping to get to Nellys by 6 as Petey Marsh is cooking up a roast for the gang!


Seedy out


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