Monday, September 28, 2009

Invers & nuggety back roads

This will sound ridiculous but I reckon all the roads in NZ should have centre barriers or there should be two separate roads at all times for traffic. Yes it would cost fkn millions and kajillions of dollars but surely it'd save a good chunk of life by avoiding head on collisions. I don't know the stats for head on crashes over here.

The tour almost ended before it has even began for PD Reid and I the other night as we drove back to Dunz from Invers on Sunday night following the release show @ Saints & Sinners on Sat. The ol Clinton/Mataura backroad is bloody nuggety at the best of times (those of you who have driven it over the years know what I mean) no real good places to pass at all. If you get stuck behind the Knight Rider you are especially fucd (although I did notice on the drive down that there are some major roadworks in place carving out a passing lane). Anyway PD an I were deep in convo regarding the success of the weekends show and also what we can do better for the upcoming shows when out of no where there are two sets of headlamps coming towards us side by side. I had a split second to realise I wasn't seeing double and swerved hard left as this fuk muppet completed his passing manouevre like a hero and finished his drive home to Mataura.. We managed to gain control after avoiding the oncoming mish (thank god I didn't damage any of the manneqins we'd borrowed for merch display) Any fatigue I had been feeling disappeared and it was an odd rest of the drive. Some ballbags clearly don't pay attention to double yellow lines on the road.

Anyway, the Invers show @ Saints & Sinners was a blast! So so awesome to head home to Invers and play for 300+ awesome cats. Personally the most satisfying part of it was the 3 pronged Invercargill show: Rhythmonyx, LOR & Osmium. Invers only has 3 current national touring bands(that I can think of) and to have them all playing together on the same night on the same stage in their own 3 styles was magic.

Sat was a looong day - as any release show day is. We got into Saints on Sat morn and didn't leave until half an hour before doors opened. However we've built a tight unit over the past couple of weeks and this enabled us to pull it off. Much chur to Crispy, KG, PD Reid & the one and only Mikeorthasauratronyx for all their help.

We leave this afternoon and set off for the West Coast - have heard nothing but good shit about venues and people over there. Barrytown Hall to kick off the tour...

Stoked to have one Andy Biff, the ever reliable PD Reid and the hacka Quogan Hampton all on the road with us.

You can also follow our more 'PC' blog @ This will be running for the entirety of the tour.




  1. Oh I know the feeling boys - what a c&*t of a road to pass on.
    All the highways near me in the states have barriers and trees between the roads so head on crashes are impossible - it makes driving kind of boring though and it is impossible to play car cricket with the oncoming traffics number plates
    Good luck with the west coast section