Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 1 - Nuggety Tour

Hey guys, I (Andy) got blog duty tonight. Excuse the tangents. Just arrived in Templeton at my olds place, turned the cricket on, 2nd ball Mills bowls a screamer at Strauss....WICKET. Bond's 2nd over, the most late swing comprehendable, middle stump gone....WICKET.

Choice start to a tour. Mini pies are in the oven and we've busted open a 24 pack of Export left over from my brothers wedding. Good times. Jesus, Bond just got another....in with a chance here. Dan Vettori; sportsman of the year.

We just had a flick through the contract for Barrytown tomorrow night so we can suss the mish before we get there. Here's a little tid bit for your enjoyment.

"SOUND MIXERS: this is a high-ceilinged all wooden hall and your sound check volume will be much louder than you expect, please make sure your sound check in the empty hall doesn't frighten the sheep!"

Awesome. It's 3am, so we are gonna hit the hay now and get up early to see the end of the cricket before we head off.

Andy Straight

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